How To Play Epic Duel

How To Play

To play EpicDuel, users must create a username and password. To register for your free user account, click Sign Up Now.


To start EpicDuel, click Play Now! to access the game client. EpicDuel can be played in your web-browser for free with no download and no installation.

The only requirement is the Adobe Flash Player 9 browser plugin. If you don't have the latest plugin, you can get it here for free:

When the game client opens, enter your username and password in the fields and click the "Login Now" button to begin.


Once logged in, you will be prompted to create a new character. EpicDuel offers three unique character classes:

Tech Mage - a class skilled in technology and effective with energy based weapons
Bounty Hunter - a balanced class, most effective with mounted wrist blades
Mercenary - a stronger but slower class most effective with melee weapons

To create a new character, you must select a class, a gender, and a unique name. You can also customize the color and hairstyle of your character. Once satisfied with the changes, click "Save" to proceed to the main login screen.

When your character is saved successfully, click the "Play EpicDuel" button to enter EpicDuel's unique world known as Delta V.


To move your character around the world, left-click the mouse at the destination where you would like your character move.

The world is designed as a series of screens each with several interactive hotspots. As you move your mouse over hotspots and near edges of the screen, you'll notice your cursor change to a directional arrow. This arrow indicates that you have encountered a hotspot and can move your character to the nearby area by left-clicking on the hotspot.

In addition to hotspots, you will also encounter several non-player characters (NPCs). NPCs drive the storyline of the game, sell items, and can heal your character. Be sure to click on each NPC you encounter to learn more about the game and discover the best weapons.


When you first login to EpicDuel, you will notice several interface controls at the bottom of the screen. These controls include:

Character Stats
Chat Field
Send Button
Find Battle
Chat Log
World Map


When beginning EpicDuel, players should familiarize themselves with their character's statistics. To view your stats, click on the circular orb to the right of your character's profile image in the lower-left corner of the screen.

You'll be taken to the character statistics menu. On the left side of the screen, you will find several attributes that affect the game play. On the right side, you will see your character's unique skill tree.

The attributes listed below improve your character's performance in different ways. Roll your mouse over each attribute in the stats screen to view a brief description of how it affects the game play. The main attributes are listed below:


Your character's unique skill tree is found on the right side of the stats menu. Each character class has a unique skill tree and can learn 10 unique skills. Skills are special abilities that your character can use while in battle. Roll your mouse over each skill icon to discover all of the abilities your character can eventually learn.

New players begin with three skills. You'll notice that the number "1" appears in the lower right corner of each skill icon in your character's first row of the skill tree. The number indicates the current level of each skill your character has. If an icon is black and white, and it does not display the level number in the lower-right corner, your character does not yet have this skill.


When you begin EpicDuel, you'll notice "Experience 0 / 40" in your stats menu. The numerator "0" indicates the experience you currently have, and the denominator "40" indicates the experience you need in order to reach the next level. To earn experience, your character must compete against other players in battle. In future releases, your character will have multiple ways to earn experience.

NOTE: Your character can earn experience even if you lose a battle as long as you remain until the conclusion of the battle. If you leave for any reason before the battle completes, you will earn no experience.

As you earn experience, your character will reach higher levels. There are two ways to determine how much experience you need to reach the next level.

Click the "View Stats" button in the lower-left corner to view the "Experience" field.
Look at the "View Stats" button, once the yellow color fills the orb, you have a level up available.
The "View Stats" button will says "Lvl+" when a level up is available for your character. To apply the level up, click on the "View Stats" button, and allocate the attribute points and skill points to the areas you wish to improve. When you're ready, click the "Level Up" button to apply the change.

NOTE: How you allocate your attribute and skill points is very important to how your character will perform in battle.


Credits are the main currency on Delta V. Players require credits to purchase weapons, items, and improve their characters. Players earn credits by winning battles, but in future releases, players will also earn credits from quests and mini-games.


EpicDuel allows your character to chat in real-time with other users. To send a chat message, type your message into the chat field on the control bar at bottom of the screen. To send your message, either click "Send" or press the "Enter" key on your keyboard.

Your character also has a collection of actions he or she can perform that will be seen by any users in the nearby vicinity. These include actions such as: Dance, Jump, Kick, Point, Bow, Pushups, etc.

NOTE: Because the EpicDuel community is comprised of players of all ages, we enforce a strict zero-tolerance policy for foul language, sexually explicit chat, public solicitation, or any other form of abuse. Messages containing bad words are prohibited, and players attempting to abuse the system risk being permanently banned from the game. Additionally, be advised that all chat messages are logged and are subject to review by our abuse department.


Your character can carry several weapons, items, and collectibles as they explore the EpicDuel world. To view your inventory, click the "Inventory" button in the control panel at the bottom of the screen. If you're unsure which button is which, just roll your mouse over each icon to see a tool tip that says what each button does.

When the inventory menu opens, your character's inventory appears on the right side of the screen. Character statistics are displayed along with your inventory so you can see how each item affects your character as it is equipped.

If you are just starting out, your character comes pre-equipped with a basic weapon by default. To find better weapons, you will need to chat with any of the merchants found across the map and purchase them with credits.


Your character can purchase and find several items while playing EpicDuel. By clicking the "Inventory" button on the main interface, you can see everything your character is carrying. The following is a list of the different types of items in EpicDuel:

Wrist Blade
The upper box on the right side of the inventory screen provides several details about the currently selected weapon:

Items have several effects on the game play, including increasing your character's damage and modifying your character's normal stat attributes. While some items improve your attributes, others can have negative effects, so take caution when equipping some of the more powerful weapons as you'll discover that they often have negative side effects.

Many items have requirements that must be met before you can purchase or equip them. Some items require that your character be a certain level and others require that your character has reached a specific value in multiple stat attributes. If your character does not meet the requirements to purchase or equip an item, the "Requirements" drop down menu will appear red within the Inventory screen.

Consumable items can replenish your health and energy in battle. Your character can equip up to three consumable items at a time and can use them on your own turn in battle.


Player-vs.-Player (PvP) battle is the primary focus of EpicDuel. Our unique turn-based battle engines automatically matches your character with up to three other players in an epic duel. To quickly find a battle, click the "Find Battle" button at the bottom of the screen. The find battle panel will slide out with options.

Click "1vs1" or "2vs2" depending on the type of battle you want to enter. You will be taken to a waiting screen where the system will find appropriately challenging opponents for you to fight.

NOTE: You must have full health and energy, and your character must have a weapon equipped in order to enter a battle.


Players can now challenge other specific players directly. To challenge another player, click on the character you would like to challenge on any regular map screen. The selected character panel will appear showing you the character's health, energy, and stats. Above the menu you will find the "Challenge" button. Click "Challenge" to send a challenge request to the selected player. If the other player accepts your challenge, you will be taken to the battle engine in a 1vs1 match with the selected character.


A battle will begin when the system finds an appropriate match for your character in the auto-match engine, or if you have challenged another user, the battle will begin when the other player accepts your challenge.

In auto-matched battles, the computer will balance them teams in the most fair way possible based on the level of the characters in battle.

The EpicDuel battle engine is turn-based, meaning that players take turns issuing battle commands. When it is your turn, you will have 20 seconds to react. This system creates an element of strategy and timing as players must balance when to use their skills and which enemies to attack given their limited energy supply.

On your turn you have a few options:

Strike - performs a basic attack using your currently equipped weapon
(consumes NO energy)
Skill - click any skill icon to use the skill
(consume energy based on the value listed in the skill details menu)
Item - click any item icon to consume the item
Run Away - flees the battle, earning you NO experience, NO credits, and a loss in your stats (running away is never a good option because even losing in battle results in an experience gain as long as you stay for the entire battle).

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